My Fees

CBT is a time-limited and focussed form of therapy.  You are never under any obligation to attend for a certain number of sessions, although I can advise you of the recommended number of sessions according to your difficulties and give you an estimated number of sessions at assessment.  The average is around 10-15 sessions however some people will need more and some less than this; the number of sessions ranges from for example 6 over 6 weeks to sometimes 20 or more over a longer period of time depending on your goals.  My fees for self-funded therapy are competitive and are as follows:

FEE SCHEDULE Duration Fee (time,  location & medium dependent)
Individual Therapy (daytime) 50 mins £120-175
Couples Therapy 50-90 mins £160-190
  • For home visits please contact me (fee from £180-220 + travel, depending on location/number of sessions)
  • Coaching is charged at £220-255 per hour, discounts are available for packages of 4, 6 and 8 sessions and please contact me directly for corporate rates.  A typical package is of 6 sessions over 4-6 months with unlimited support between sessions.
    • Report writing (non medico-legal) is charged at £120 per hour
    • Report editing is charged at £90 per hour
  • I also provide telephone and Skype sessions. These are charged at the normal daytime rate unless they are shorter sessions.
  • 25 minute CBT ‘half’ sessions are also available at a charge of £60 per session.  I can let you know at assessment if shorter sessions might be suitable for you.
  • If the fee is problematic for you, please feel free to contact me to discuss this and I will llet you know when I might have a space coming up at a reduced fee

Corporate Clients – prices available on request – please contact me.

Fees for treatment covered by private health insurance are as follows, I am happy to speak to your insurance company directly if you wish to give me the details:

Individual, daytime  -    £140-170 / 50 mins

Individual, evening    -  £160 / 50 mins

Fees are normally paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque. I can also accept Paypal transfers, contact me for details.